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And its a GOAL!

We all hate making goals due to the fact that when we do not achieve these goals, we are left feeling disappointed in ourselves. But without goals, you are just a leaf, fallen from a tree, going God knows where!! You can get caught up in anything and be lost forever…

You have no influence on what will happen in your future or where you will end up. You might get lucky and end up somewhere nice and comfy. It may be close to a pond somewhere, since you are leaf, you will be well off. But we all know that luck, as much as we talk about it, is rarely there when you need it. You only ”get lucky” in small unnecessary things. The important, life changing moments have nothing to do luck.

The important things require you to take action. To get off your lazy or scared arse and make the effort.

Make some goals! I guarantee you will not complete most of them. But if you complete that one, regardless of how small it is, you will feel significantly better than you would if you just allowed yourself to drift in the world. It might be fun, not having a plan. And it is a good thing to do it, sometimes. You need something to hold on to in this crazy world.

Goals will keep you going,even when you feel like giving up. 

So why not try it. Start small. Keep at it. Even when you fail, don’t give up. Rome wasn’t built in  a day after all! 🙂

I am taking my advice and hopefully by the end of the next month, I will have my second baby…my guitar I mean :). And it’s that goal that will help me wake up and go to WORK everyday, even when I do not feel like it!


The Road Of Good Intentions…

In an attempt to help that is when we screw things up even more. I think it is very unfair but that is what happens in the world.

I wish you could tell someone the truth and and it would make them happier not sad, mad and well sad. The truth does not set people free.Whoever said that needs to be hanged! It just chains them down with self doubt, doubt in general, and fear.

We are taught that not sharing the truth, like a good little boy or good little girl should, makes you a “bad person”. Ruining someone’s happy day is also the same thing,right?

If you have ever taken a toddler’s prized toy, the face, that face before the child begins to below out is the equivalent of ruining someone’s day. That sadness in those innocent eyes, that is what you would have done.

These rules developed about always telling the truth only work till a certain age. After that things get complicated and you learn the hard way.

So next time you want to” set someone free” with your awesome words of wisdom, keep it to yourself till you start feeling sceptical about telling them. If you do not do this, well done! You can tell them. It means its the right thing to do or you are a psychopath!

Just remember, as a wise person once said,

” The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”