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Dead Animals

My lovely cousin shocked me today by pronouncing to the whole household in the highest volume possible for a six year old, that she saw Dead Animals in the house.

After further inquiry it turns out she was talking about the bugs that had unfortunately met their death at the window sill in the living room.


Their death however, is not what interested her. It was the fact that they lay on their backs when  they died. Of course noone had an answer at that moment so we just did the adult thing of changing the subject.


However after further research(google) i stumbled onto some interesting responses. Just in case your child ever asks you that question.

Some responses where:

  • It shows total surrender
  • Because they want to look at you when they die
  • They want to see angels from heaven when they come take their souls.

Obviously looking at this answers it is to your full discretion which you pick as some of these might scar your children, FOREVER!




Dear followers,

I apologise for my long absence . I had reached a point in my life where my values anx character where being tried and tested at thd highest of level.

I am happy to report my success in these worldly battles and hope you will enjoy the new content which will be more frequently published.