Leonardo De Legend

I am not a movie person. I have a very short attention span and it makes me more of a series girl. As long as the series does not last more than 45 minutes, I can manage.

However I was browsing through a bunch of channels one day and came upon a Leonardo De Caprio movie. It was called Shutter Island. I watched it from beginning to end.

The next day I came across Inception, another mind blowing movie. They endings are always charged with so much tension and the fact that the viewer can not predict what will happen next,makes it worth while to sit through to the end.


I am sure that everyone who works behind the scenes makes it what it is. Amazing. However, the major factor to the success of a movie still remains on the actors and actresses. If they can make you believe that they are the characters they are portraying then, hats off to them.

These days we have so many people in the “acting business”. Once you have been on TV you call yourself an actor or actress

. Well, talent still counts. Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and many others became big names because of talent.

This is what I want to see. Not that boring sub par acting that you can tell is scripted. The more real it seems, the greater the pleasure the viewer has watching it.

So to all the directors there, in addition to a good script, please just pay the good actors the bloody money to do their jobs!!


Any thoughts?

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