Keep Your Head Above the clouds

 Keep your head above the clouds.

They drive us. I have mine. You have yours. They are different and sometimes totally crazy, childish or immature but the completion of those make us complete.

Now as you get older, responsibilities occur. According to Murphy’s Law, whenever you set out to do something, especially something you quite enjoy, something else must be done first. And with this, your dreams start to take a backseat .This is when you start to lose your passion for things, doing things that just give you material wealth but leave you feeling empty and incomplete inside.

The people around you do not help too. They are already not living their dreams so they will not hesitate to shoot down your dreams. Why should you be happy when they are miserable?

This is the warning to all the young dreamers out there; DO not let them break your dreams. Happiness only comes when you are fulfilled. Do not rush into marriage. Take your time to explore the world and do what you love. Not like, I said love.


My dad married at age forty. He is the happiest man in this world. He did everything. I remember when I wanted to go to the flea market and tried to entice him with the idea of walking around and looking at exotic things. His response to this was,”My dear, I have been to so many flea markets in the many years I have been alive. This one holds nothing different, but you should go and enjoy it. Try out everything you love. ‘’

I realize that women get a certain stigma attached to them if they pass the age of twenty-five and are not yet married. Well, screw the world. We are as equal as the men who walk amongst us. With the technology out there, you can have your kids later on in life. Maybe thirty of forty and they will still be as healthy as any normal baby. You can adopt too, help give the many precious gifts a life.

The world is full of many different opportunities. If you fail in one direction trying to reach your dream there are five more paths you will have not yet tried. You give up when one cloud stops the sunshine; you will never see the sun again.

It’s simply simple.


Any thoughts?

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